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Green Drainage

Don't let the rain decide when you can play bowls - keep your green healthy in dry weather, and puddle-free in wet weather.

Aquadyne - surface water drainage reinvented.

Aquadyne absorbs and retains moisture, and when there is excess water after a rainy spell, it will drain it away into a watercourse or sewer.

Furthermore, using 44 sq. m. of Aquadyne provides a direct saving of 2 tons of CO2 emissions into our atmosphere, as verified by Newcastle University.

Some Key Benefits

  • Independently tested
  • No clogging
  • No drying out
  • No need for a geotextile layer
  • Allows for a shallower dig
  • Simple installation
  • Reduces need for aggregate
  • Carbon positive: 44sq. m. Aquadyne = 2 tonne CO2 saving

Easy to Install

The trench required is dramatically shallower and narrower than traditional methods.


20% greater drainage capacity than gravel. 10 times the perculation rate of sand. 10 times the open-pore surface of perforated pipe


Aquadyne can be 20% less expensive and 75% lighter than conventional materials.


The panels do not degrade, and can support over 1000 tonnes per sq. m. with no noticeable reduction in performance.


Made from 100% recycled material, and with installation and transport efficiencies, it is THE environmental drainage system.

Before Aquadyne
Before Aquadyne

After Aquadyne
After Aquadyne

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